I. TireHawk Bright+ installation:

Q: How to install the TireHawk Bright+ Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?
A: 1. Install the wireless repeater in the car: Connect mini USB which is packed in the SmarTPMS product kit to the wireless repeater and the other end of the USB cable to USB cigarette lighter adapter, and then plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter socket in the car to use the power supply from the car.
2. Install the sensors: Open the sensor cap by turning counter-clockwise, and then place CR1632 batteries in each of the 4 sensors. Make sure the positive and negative poles are positioned correctly, and then close the cap by turning back clock-wise. Afterwards, install sensors on tires respectively.
3. Connect TireHawk Bright ⁺ APP: After wireless repeater installation, start the car to have power supply. Go to your smartphone settings and activate Wi Fi networks and choose Wi Fi network AP: TireHawk.

Q: With the cigarette lighter socket engaged by the wireless repeater, what should I do when I need charge any other devices?
A: The wireless repeater has a type A USB interface to supply power to other devices. You can use this interface to charge other 3C products.


II. TireHawk Bright+ App:

Q: When I execute this app, why does the app go to the main page with “Demo” mode? How can I get to real time operation?
A:  If you have not yet purchased a SmarTPMS kit, the app performs in “Demo” mode with simulated data. You can use this mode to get to know how this product actually works before purchasing the SmarTPMS kit. When you have purchased the sensors and the wireless repeater and installed them according to the user manual, the app will instantly change to “Real-time Status” mode once the wireless repeater and the sensors are successfully detected.

Q: In the tyre information window, why is the triangle warning icon blinking?
A:  The tyre pressure is outside the limits, that are currently set. You can change the limits using the “Settings” page in the app.

Q: In the tyre information window, why is the thermometer icon blinking?
A: The tyre temperature is above the currently set limit. You can adjust this limit in the “Settings” page.

Q: If the battery icon shows low power, what should I do?
A: The battery of that sensor will soon be flat. Please replace the battery as soon as possible.

Q: What is the normal range of tyre pressure in the system default?
A: The system default setting is 26 – 45 psi (1,8 – 3,1 Bar).

Q: What is the normal range of tyre temperature in the system default?
A: The system default is below 70 °C or 158 °F.

Q: What is the time shown on “Smart Log”?
A: In this example we will look at the left front wheel:
Tire 1: 14 psi is too low. 2011/03/01 18:45:51 ~ 2011/03/02 06:10:30
2011/03/01 18:45:51 is the time that the alarm first happened;
2011/03/01 06:10:30 is the most recent update that the alarm was still present. TireHawk will keep updating this time stamp until the problem is solved.

Q: Why are some logs with gray background?
A: The background color of the logs will be turned into gray from white only when the problem is solved.

Q: When it shows “Tire 1: Sensor Abnormal!” in Smart Log, what should I do?
A: Please check the sensor battery status of the tyre captioned, e.g. Tire 1 refers to the left front tyre, and replace with a new battery.

Q: When it shows “Tire2: Replace sensor battery!” in Smart Log, what should I do?
A: The battery of that sensor will soon be out. Please replace this battery as soon as possible.


III. TireHawk Bright+ System Operation

Q: If I forget to take my smartphone, can the wireless repeater work normally?
A: The wireless repeater can still work fine. If there is an alarm occurring, the middle LED indicator of the wireless repeater will flash red.
The default values/warning thresholds of the repeater are the following:
Tyre pressure HIGH limit: 45 psi (3,1 bar)
Tyre pressure LOW limit: 26 psi (1,8 bar)
Tyre temperature limit: 70 °C (158 °F)

Q: Why does the LED indicator of the wireless repeater keep flashing red while there is no alarm from the app?
A: The default settings in the app correspond to the default settings in the wireless repeater. However if the user alters the settings in the app, this will not change the settings in the receiver. Consequently the app and repeater are operating on different alarm levels. If you want the app to go back to the default settings, just go to “Settings” and click the button for “System Default”.

Q: What is the learning function about?
A: If the installed sensors are damaged or lost, you need to purchase a replacement sensor and it has to be learned by the wireless repeater. The learning procedure is as follows:
keep pressing the learning button of the wireless receiver until the middle LED flashes orange. Install the battery in the sensor and wait until the orange LED indicator stops flashing, which means that the learning procedure is completed. Finally install the new sensor on the tyre.

Q: What should I do when the tyre pressure and tyre temperature on the app Status page indicates “-“?
A: Please replace the battery in the sensor. If this does not remedy the problem, please replace the sensor.

Q: Can this app perform in the background?
A: Yes. When the app is in “Real-time Status” mode, the app will continue running in the background. When any alarm occurs, it will show a reminder on the smartphone.

Q: Why do tyre pressure data flow up and down slightly during driving?
A: Tyre pressure changes lightly by a few psi due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the air in the tyre.