TireHawk Bright+ is the latest in High-Tech Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and it comes in three distinct flavors:

  1. TireHawk STH-410 motorcycle tpms: product details
  2. TireHawk STH-100 car tpms (external sensors): product details
  3. TireHawk STH-100i car tpms (internal sensors): product details

Every system provides true benefits for the user:

  • easy DIY installation
  • background monitoring
  • user defined alarms
  • smartlog function
  • fantastic horizontal view
  • cool theme styles
  • featured alarm sounds

The system consists of two parts:

1) The TireHawk app (available for free for iPhone and Android) that displays all your tyre information: tyre pressure, temperature, battery status.

2)  The SmarTPMS kit with 2 or 4 tyre pressure sensors and the relay that receives information from all tyres and sends that information to the smartphone via WLAN.